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  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on Installation


"Got my car windows tinted recently, ALL 5 windows (except for the front window dash) at the 15% setting (only 15% of light comes through).

1) great job, quality
2) great service, walked us through the options, set expectations on the process, everything
3) easy to find location
4) great results - for me, no longer harassed on the road when in my car
5) now I call my car, the low-rider SUV (hatchback actually)

Thanks, guys! If I ever have more car tinting needs, this is where I'll be coming."

- Arry Y.

These guys are awesome. I have had several tint jobs from them and everytime the work has been flawless. Sure you can pay less and have some idiot come and throw tint on in your driveway - it will be garbage work. they'll use too much fluid and it'll short your windows motors, it will bubble and it will look terrible - then try and find that idiot to put it right - you wont be able to.

Their interior and exterior detailing service is probably the best value in Seattle. They do stella work and have never let me down.

- Charlie N.

I have had 3 vehicles tinted here now. The craftsmanship is near flawless.
I had gotten 3 detailing jobs done here and the work was good up until the last time about 2 weeks back. We brought our Mercedes C350 There were a couple trim pieces damaged during buffing. Normally this would not equal a good review. But it is the way that the mistakes were handled. We were treated with respect and dignity as well a with a great deal of care. Caleb, the owner helped us personally. He was very professional and took ownership of these mistakes but what's more, he made good on it immediately and without any fuss or bother from us replacing the trims with brand new OEM pieces. He even went out of his way to have a small scuff on the front spoiler fixed and installed a clear bumper guard by the trunk to prevent scuffing.
Overall, I can say with all my heart that you would be hard pressed to find a business owner with as much integrity as this man.

- Rob W.

I have a black car, a difficult task for any shop to buff and wax. no swirl marks, no residue, no left over wax around trim. must have used a toothbrush. done as anticipated, along with having the headliner worked on also.
they told me that their detailer who specializes in black is only available mon.-thurs., so there was no miscommunication.
excellent service, very thorough inspection before starting work and finished by expected time. for any discerning owner, this is an excellent shop to go to.

- Andrew C.

I have an older 2002 Lexus IS300. I'm it's second owner. I love my car but it has seen better days.
On the advice of a friend (who was very happy with two tint jobs) I took my car in for a "supreme" detail. They kept the car a little longer than I had hoped - but only because they had to shampoo the interior _twice_. (I was impressed. They didn't charge me extra, either.)
The finish is now as good as it has ever looked (minus paint scratches - at least I can actually tell where the scratches are now). But I am really blown away by how much work they put into restoring the interior.
I have combo cloth/leather seats: they deep cleaned the fabric to the point where it once again has a natural "fluffiness" and heavily treated all of the leather throughout the car. They were even able to get the mats clean (after vacuuming out tons of pine needles) - and I've never been able to get those mats truly clean myself. The interior is cleaner than when I bought the car - and probably cleaner than it has ever been since it was new.
I've had my car detailed elsewhere before but it has never come out anywhere near as well as this. All in all, I would highly recommend Accutint's detailing service, and am planning on going back to have the windows tinted.

-Brian P.

I brought my husband's truck in to get it detailed for his birthday. We had it tinted there a few months back so I felt comfortable taking it back there. We just got back from a road trip and it was a mess! Such a good decision on my part. He's so happy with the results. He can be kind of picky when it comes to his truck so I'm very thankful it looks brand new again!! I definitely need to bring my car there now. Thanks!

- Hannah D.

Accutint SODO produces great work whether it be detailing, tinting or wrapping. I have used them for all of these services and couldn't have been happier. I work at a Luxury car lot and we strictly use Accutint SODO referring ALL of our clients as well as friends and family. If you want quality and good prices I think Accutint is a great fit for you!

- Katie B.

There are several Accutint locations and they are run by different management. This review is specifically for the Sodo location in Seattle.
I have used them for detailing, window tinting, and clear bra application. I have a number of high end cars in including a 2008 BMW M3, 2010 BMW 750LI, 2012 Lamborghini Gallardo, and 2013 Porsche Panamera GTS.
I've had all my cars worked on there and every time they have done an amazing job. Caleb (the owner) from the research I did, seems to be one of the original guys in the NW to do this kind of custom, high end work for clear bras/window tinting etc. Most other shops I've spoken to about such services have either been trained by him and/or worked for him at some point.
Prices are fair, and work is always done on time with the kind of perfection I expect for my cars. The people working there are all very cool and knowledgeable. Don't be turned away by all the high end cars in his shop as I'm sure they give the same level of detail to every customer.

- David L.

Thank you so much to the whole staff at Accutint SODO. I had my minivan get the full detail for my birthday. It was much needed after kids moving from carseats to big seats, coffee spills and everything else that happens in life. I was doubtful that they would get the light beige interior back to the new car look I had just a couple years ago, but they blew me away. My car was spottless even the spots on the cieling gone!! You guys rock. Thanks for making my birthday gift one I can remember and appriciate every morning I get in my car. YOU ARE WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!!!

- Shannon M.

I am writing because I got a response from Accutint from my initial review, which is exactly what I was hoping for. Plus, they offered to re-detail my car in an effort to show me that my business is important to them and to apologize for my experience. They did a great job. All I can say is that Coleen reached out in such a manner that I felt taken care of and she is fantastic to work with. Maybe the day I went, it was just an off day, and apparently the people that worked on my car no longer work there, but I would recommend Accutint because of her great service and clear communication and expectations that she provided. Thank you!

- Brittney J.

I JUST had my car done today. (11/8/11)
Tint and heat protectant on it.
So happy with the job done!
The owner at one point offered me a car to run errands with while they were working on mine.
BUT with the free wi-fi, tv to watch and super friendly environment (for a shop mind you) I just stayed, read a couple magazines and enjoyed the couple hours to myself actually. :)
Plus, Tully's is within walking distance if needed.
I was reading some of the older posts and I would say that the company has grown and not a hint of any of those issues I saw and I was there for about 2 1/2 hours.
I also read about the gal who's car wasn't detailed right and her stuff was put in a garbage bag---should they have told you? Sure, maybe---but how are they supposed to clean if all your crap is all over your car in the first place?
They're there to DETAIL your car NOT organize it.
Today I went in forgetting to take my car seats out and they told me, "...we'll take them out if they are in the way, but we ask you hook them back up."
When finished, they went over all the details, telling me if I had any issues to bring it back. No problem.
Safety, super clean, extremely friendly & professional!
Highly recommended!

- Sarah R.

They tinted my windows on my car. Very professional and clean.
Thank you!

- Pammy K.

When it comes to my cars I'm picky. I don't like parking next to people that I think will door me, I make sure to wash my cars with the correct wash mitt that won't etch or scratch the paint, and I don't like taking them to get any kind of service done if the place feels dodgy, which happily, I can say Accutint doesn't.
I had my windows tinted this past weekend and I'm very happy with the result. Their prices are higher than average, but they have access to higher quality films (with transferable nationwide lifetime warranties) and keep their lobby and work spacer much cleaner than other places I've been, so I was happy to pay the difference. Staff was polite and attentive, and it was easy to make an appointment. I'll definitely be going here again.

- Mat R.

Major props to the guys at Accutint. Courteous, knowledgeable, professional, and amazing tint work.
I was originally told the job would be finished by noon. They called and informed me they mis-scheduled and that my car wouldnt be done until end of day. A bit frustrating since I had already arranged a ride at noon. But they were apologetic and offered to give me a ride, which made up for the inconvenience. Overall, very pleased.

- Tal M.

I recently took my car there for a full detail and feel like it came back a new car! I did some calling around prior and they have the best bang for your buck. They did such a great job I plan to take my car back. I have a dog who needless to say does not go easy on my interior and who also sheds. They deep cleaned every spot and even took out my cup holders through out the car to make them like new. I'm not sure if you've ever tried to clean out those deep awkward cup holders but it's not easy and I was SO surprised to see mine all shinny and clean. They really paid close attention to the details of the vehicle and left no spot untouched.
They're also very knowledgeable about car detailing, tinting and anything else you can think of to improve your ride. I'm planning to sell my car shortly and they made some great suggestions on how to improve the look and value of the car. They're definitely my car home spot!

- Kristina S.

I have worked with Accutint on many occasions for specialized projects ranging from high end exotic and custom vehicles as well as simple tinting detailing and most recently carbon fiber wrap projects. I always know that the jobs will be done with precision and care. They will do what ever it takes to assure the job is done RIGHT. The staff have always been reliable and honest and I have never been less than overly satisfied. It is apparent from the time that you walk through the door that customer service is the number one priority. I think Caleb has a well educated staff who take pride in their work to their work to the highest degree. Couldn't be more impressed and encourage anyone to use Accutint! You will not be disappointed!

- Amanda N.

This is a solid place to get your windows tinted. They pull your car into a room with a curtain as to limit the amount of dust that could get stuck underneath the tint. They also guarantee that it will last the life of the car and not fade or bubble.
I was a little taken aback by the prices. I paid more for just my front 2 windows then I did for all of the windows in my last car. It does look damn sharp though and it matches my factory tint very well.

- Dan L.

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